Rescue Me

Giving up’s the hardest thing to say / giving in because I’ve tried everything / I wish there was another way / gave my all / but still lost everything / down a road that looked so promising / running on empty for way to long / and I know it’s not easy / but I tried so hard / it still broke my heart / can you come and rescue me / I can see the glare of street lights / reminding me of how I live my life / I’m just a blurry passerby / used to think that I’d get everything / now I just don’t expect anything / I’m trying so hard to just move on / sometimes it feels like I should give it up / sometimes there’s a moment / and I can’t get enough

All Over Again

Gave it all I had / counting days up in my head / knowing that it could take everything in me / I should hang my head but I want to lift it up instead / and these things just keep weighing down on me / no I won’t give it up / no / because I / I’d do it all over again I’d feel the pain beneath my skin / just to know that I could live with you again / and I /  I’d do it all over again / I’d count those days and bring them back again / just to know that I could live with you again / waking up from the dead / thought it was over but it all begins / sometime my dreams are my cruelest friends / will these days ever end / sometimes I wish that they’d never begin / but I’ll let hope live where my strength gives in / no I won’t give it up / no / I will run till the end / I will run till the end / because there are so many things that are worth it to me / my first romance / our child’s first gleam / the city lights and the glow they gave your eyes / those arguments and times we’d cry / the way your embrace felt when I wanted to die / the day I said forever to you


Love is a dangerous word if left unaccounted for / I want to believe it’s an infinite thing /  but my past won’t let me go / I want to believe it’s true / I want to believe that it’s you / I gave you my heart / now it’s all up to you / I left it all up to you / it’s all I can do / I’m fragile but I’m strong / I’ve fallen and picked up my pieces before / so I want it to end before it can ever begin / I want to believe it’s true / I want to believe that it’s you / love can be such a dangerous thing / when I give you the key to my heart / knowing that times could get hard / and trust you won’t tear it apart / i'm scared but I'll let down my guard

I Found You

Through this window everything seems new / the worlds not changing it’s just my view / spent so much time looking / for what I thought was right for me / but it’s only when I gave up that I got what I really need / but I know it’s true / you’re the everything I was missing / the perfect part of me that I really need / all I’ve known is new because I found you / anticipation is something new / when you never had someone to look forward to / I thought I knew who I was / and who I wanted to be / but my mind just kept wandering waiting to let me see / and I know it’s true / and I know it’s true / all the things I thought I knew / everything I thought was true / changed the day my eyes saw you / they saw you

New Start

Replay / I just want those moments back to say / I wish I could get back all my foolish days / when I put tomorrow before today / I don’t want to live without you I can’t pretend / everyday I live without you seems to have no end / I know you don’t need me I know it’s all my fault / but I don’t want to live without you I want a new start / held on to nothing for way too long / and I know I could’ve missed everything and so it’s / my Hope That I can just get back the things / I almost gave away

Just Keep Running

Now you run / as fast as your feet will take you / you feel your heart as it breaks you / down to your last breath / you can’t move on / when you see the world for all its wrongs / you’ve got your friends but you feel alone / oh / when you try so hard / and it all just falls apart / just keep running / hey / when you’ve looked so far / and you still can’t find where you are / just keep running / you may have failed / but you’re not a failure / living without danger is not living at all / so get back up / because you’ve learned so much / trying is how we grow up, oh it’s how we grow up / when everything feels like a fight for your life / there’s air in your lungs but your barely alive / you’re not alone / not alone / I’m searching for words that can make you believe / if you need to be held then hold onto me / you’re not alone / not alone

Best Days

Opened my eyes / no I’m not dreaming / barely survived / my mind still reeling / but I can start over now / walked out the door / leave behind more worried soul / if there’s one thing I know / is that I can change the way I view the world / but I can start over now / I can start over / these are the best day’s / best days / perfect in every way / I know I’ll be okay / okay / forget about yesterday / forget about yesterday / I’ve done it again / looking back but not ahead / stuck in the same line / but it won’t get me down this time / I can start over now / I can start over / open up your eyes / you can start over now / just leave behind your doubt

Hand to Hold

You’re all I want to hold onto / but I don’t know how I couldn’t see / I’ve tried for too long on my own / when you’ve always been right here next to me / I don’t want to look back / and feel like I’ve been left alone / because I know that you would never let me go / I can lose my strength / and my whole world may unfold / but I’m confident with Just your hand to hold / you’re all I want to hold onto / it’s you alone that makes me feel complete / I know I’ve strayed pushed you away / but you loved me and I’m at a loss for words to say

Don't Tell Me About Your Jesus

Don’t tell me about your Jesus / when I’m tired and undone / don’t tell me about my sin, when apparently you’ve got none / don’t tell me I need saving with some cheap words and a phrase / as if knowing some ancient story could really make my life change / can you see me I’m barely holding on / can you love me before pointing out my wrongs / you don’t know me or what I’ve been through / you don’t know me but you act like you do / I just need a friend or a shoulder to cry on / and God if you love me please hear my song / don’t tell me where I’m going as if you could really know / don’t say I have a voice then trample on my soul / don’t point out my regrets with signs that shame me more / don’t tell me about your Jesus when fear controls your world