Parachute Heart

Six years and counting now / battle worn but not run down / still standing here somehow / I know what it takes to keep your strength / what it takes to hold the ground you’re standing on / don’t put your head down / don’t let the light go out / don’t give up when your hope turns into doubt / nothings broken yet so don’t say that / don’t trade in all your love for a quick piece of happiness / I know who you are / hold on / hold on / this is for jumping in the dark / hold on / hold on / this is your parachute heart / six years no prize to take / running hard no line to break / it’s hard to keep this pace / every step is closer than the start / it’s closer to your heart / can’t stop now, can’t stop now

Let it Go

You can live your life but never really live / holding on to hurt and to bitterness / today may not be easy but the pasts always the same so let it go / you can give your heart but not know what love is / so you’ll close it up and say I won’t be foolish again / but love cannot reside where you let fear live instead / just let it go / just let it go / don’t carry this no more / just let it go / you’ve done some things you’ve never thought you’d do / you’ve been hardened by the world / and your outlook’s badly bruised / today may not be easy but the pasts always the same

Don't Give Up the Fight

Oh I can’t rest / because I’m not where I wanted to go / holding on to something I may never know / I may never know / oh I can’t erase / the places where my heart escapes / it’s living somewhere that I want to stay / but we’re just so far apart / I know the place but the roads not marked /  but i’m not giving up the fight / for the something in my life / that makes me feel alive / you make me feel alive / the rain keeps coming down / but it’s not going to wash away my ground / this dream is heavy I wont turn around / but we’re still so far apart / I know the place but the roads not marked

Chase This Light

Time / don’t steal my fight / fear / stop calling in the night / my soul it aches / promises dreams can make / but still I hear these beautiful sounds / there’s a fire burning in my heart / there’s a love pulling me apart / but I’m not afraid / let the fire burn bright / I’m gonna chase this light / hope / my heart glows red / but heavy / is my tired head / but big things from a little start bright flame from a tiny spark / And still I hear / this Is all I have / it can be so hard / searching for a light buried in the dark

You're All I Have Left

Oh God / I need you / not even sure if I believe / but the pains too great / and no one else can take away this ache / oh God / can you hear me / or has my absence been too long / do I deserve the place I’m in / I’m hanging on but losing grip / you’re all I have left / you’re all I have left / you’re all I have left/  you’re all I have left / oh God I need you / my worlds been broken for too long / I’m tired of faking smiles / but it’s how I hide my broken heart / oh God can you hear me / I don’t like who I’ve become / my optimisms / gone / I want the hurting to be done / I’m on the bottom of life’s deepest well / I’m looking up but where’s my help / I’m tired of living in this hell / so hear me God if you are there / how much more do I have to bear / I’m losing all my hope / so please show me where to go

You and Me

Some chase a heart and lose their soul / some build a wall around their love just to see it go / we all have a dream of who we’ll be / I know you’ll put it all on the line and took your chance with me / and I will find a place for us / see the stars when we look up / when I’m with you I’m home / and I could blame this all on luck / say that love just finally struck / but I’ve always known / it’s you and me / it’s you and me / it’s you and me / when worry rises and drowns you in its sea / when the lights goes out / and hope is all you need / I’ll stand by you /  I’ll be your bravery / I’ll be there for you / you’re always there for me